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Welcome to the - including pages relating to the Fanshawe (Fanshaw) family and the Wilson family of Factors of Banffshire descent. In particular, the site maintains the prime focus for promoting the life and work of George Wilson (1848-1890) - 'The Lost Pre-Raphaelite', Victorian Scottish artist and pure Pre-Raphaelite follower.

More recently added, is a further section devoted to the life and work of George Wilson's niece, Rachel Cassels Brown (1875-1953), children's illustrator and etcher

Via the link to Castle Park Publishing, access can be gained to the bookshop where relevant publications may be sourced. These include 'The Lost Pre-Raphaelite - George Wilson; his Life, Work and Associates'. (Wilson's closest associates included the artists J.T. Nettleship and J.B. Yeats (father of W.B. Yeats), the architect, Halsey Ricardo and the playwright, John Todhunter, as well as many others).

Also available is 'The Two Muriel Wilsons - An Artistic Confusion',

and most recently 'Of Nymphs and Pans and ... a StubbyDub ? - The Story of 'RAB' - Rachel Cassels Brown'


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