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Rachel Cassels Brown
Selected Works

9 - 2nd series nursery rhymes - 'Little Bo Peep'

9 - 2nd series nursery rhymes - 'Little Bo Peep'

'Little Bo-Peep' was one of the set of six designs from Rachel's 1918-19 series of Nursery Rhyme illustrations.

Lithograph printed onto hand-made laid paper, then hand-coloured in watercolour. Monogrammed and dated 1918 in the plate, and signed beneath in pencil 'Printed by Gerard Bragg' and 'Del. et Lith. "Rab"'.

247 mm x 197 mm (max – irregular). 

Each illustration in the set differs in size and some have irregular edges with Rachel's trait of breaking through the edge with a detail of the design. Exhibited (1297) as one of the full set of six at the Walker Art Galley, Liverpool, Autumn Exhibition, 1919.

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