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Rachel Cassels Brown
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21 - Annabella - 8

21 - Annabella - 8

The penultimate illustration from 'Annabella' is again a text box, but one that equally brings the parallel story of the chicken into the main context of the book.

Annabella, now damaged and scruffy within the storyline, has been relegated to the No 2 dolls' house, reserved for less favoured dolls, where she helps to look after the chickens. 

This variation of the text box styles used contains only a little blank space for the text and a brief descriptive title. This example displays the same much simpler line drawing style used within all the text boxes, but which are always filled with amusing little incidences and reflections of real life. Here we see the chicks leaping for the grain, with one having jumped right into the basket, while the mother chicken pecks Annabella's thumb.

Plate size 237 mm x 186 mm.

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