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Rachel Cassels Brown
Selected Works

20 - Annabella - 7 'Mr Potts the Painter'

20 - Annabella - 7 'Mr Potts the Painter'

'Mr Potts the Painter'; illustration for the proposed book 'Annabella'. 

This illustration displays one of Rachel's less overt characteristics - that of a 'mischievous' sense of humour. Nevertheless, this was a characteristic that was frequently experienced by her closer family, and which is displayed here from 'Annabella' via a comical and skilful caricature of her uncle, George Wilson, the late Pre-Raphaelite follower. George Wilson had in turn painted Rachel on a number of occasions himself, and was certainly an important influence on her own application to her art.

Plate size 238 mm x 184 mm.

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